Abso Jun2022 - FFA

Current Round: 252

Last Turn: 2 months and 10 days ago

Average Turn Time: 2 hours and 53 minutes

Player Avg Turn Time < 1 hour > 6 hours Skipped
Owyn Magnus1 hour and 43 minutes149160
xWildWoodx2 hours and 12 minutes108180
KnephAesus2 hours and 18 minutes174560
Sanguinius2 hours and 34 minutes88190
Uzik2 hours and 40 minutes92310
Tuloth4 hours and 6 minutes149480
[abso] Beleg4 hours and 35 minutes119410
1. Any action that can be completed in the game is legal. No complaining! 2. You can complain about barbarians. 3. A player is eliminated when you see "You have been defeated" or surrender. 4. Cities cannot be attacked until turn 50 (war dec for other reasons is OK). Settings are: 7 humans No AI Civs 9 City-States Map: Shuffle (wraps around) Size: Standard Speed: Quick Resources: Strategic Balance Turn Limit: 16 hours No policy or promotion saving Quick Combat The webhook is: https://discord.com/api/webhooks/767918335673237505/kU6qH_LpAi0CnExLD2XCjdjriNqDdtaucdhQfL-Lw297CAQQFxPRV7zP9Q7vYHgMYAbX

Game Type: Civilization 5

Password Protected: No

Number of Slots: 7

Max Human Players: 7

Game Speed: Quick

Map Type: Continents

Allow Users to Join After Start: No

Map Size: Standard

Civ Selection: Any Leader or Random

Allow Duplicate Civs: No

Webhook URL: https://discord.com/api/webhooks/767918335673237505/kU6qH_LpAi0CnExLD2XCjdjriNqDdtaucdhQfL-Lw297CAQQFxPRV7zP9Q7vYHgMYAbX

DLC Enabled:

  • Expansion - Brave New World
  • Expansion - Gods and Kings

DLC Disabled:

  • Mongolia
  • Spain and Inca
  • Polynesia
  • Denmark
  • Korea
  • Babylon
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