Space Race - No Surprise

Current Round: 53

Last Turn: 8 hours and 9 minutes ago

Average Turn Time: 9 hours and 49 minutes

Player Avg Turn Time < 1 hour > 6 hours Skipped
KoboldHT3 hours and 38 minutes18150
Calcifer4 hours and 5 minutes12110
Mengiac5 hours and 26 minutes10100
Yaroslav5 hours and 47 minutes23180
MisterT8006 hours and 8 minutes19310
Firelord2412 hours and 26 minutes7260
Linda714 hours and 3 minutes9270
Fatusblobus18 hours and 14 minutes1360
BriGuy121818 hours and 29 minutes6310
only space victory allowed nukes/GDR are BANNED. 2 FS max. 1 CS/raze rest. No Military Alliance No Surprise War allowed (only Formal War after Denounce is allowed) Map: Pangaea Mods: BBG 4.8.1, BBS 2.0.6, Extended Policy Cards, Better Report Screen, Detailed Map Tacks Disasters: 2 Resources: Abundant Strategics: Abundant Wonders: Standard Start Position: Balanced Barbarians: Civilized World Congress will not include Trade Policy votes Gold Trading: No Luxuries Trading: Yes Strategics Trading: No autobans: alexander.nubia.gaul.eleanor-en.germany.sumeria.indonesia.babylon.japan.kublai-china.kublai-mongolia.poland.portugal.australia.maya.maori.mapuche.ethiopia.hungary.sweden.spain.cree.qin-shi.scotland.saladin.korea.teddy-bm.scythia.victoria.inca.netherlands

Game Type: Civilization 6

Password Protected: Yes

Number of Slots: 9

Max Human Players: 9

Game Speed: Online

Map Type: Pangaea

Allow Users to Join After Start: Yes

Map Size: Large

Civ Selection: Random Only

Allow Duplicate Civs: No

DLC Enabled:

  • Aztec Civilization Pack
  • Teddy Roosevelt Persona Pack
  • Rise and Fall Expansion
  • Ethiopia Pack
  • Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack
  • Vikings Scenario Pack
  • Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack
  • Gathering Storm Expansion
  • Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack
  • Babylon Pack
  • Maya and Gran Colombia Pack
  • Byzantium and Gaul Pack
  • Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack
  • Catherine de Medici Persona Pack
  • Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack
  • Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack
  • Portugal Pack

DLC Disabled:

  • Great Negotiators Leader Pack
  • Julius Caesar Leader Pack
  • Rulers of China Leader Pack
  • Great Commanders Pack
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