Conquest of Medieval Europe

Current Round: 196

Last Turn: 1 year and 18 days ago

Average Turn Time: 5 hours and 55 minutes

Player Avg Turn Time < 1 hour > 6 hours Skipped
kapshul20 minutes200
petrojbl47 minutes100
matthewdinode58 minutes100
Pete1 hour and 12 minutes100
andrewsmart482 hours and 20 minutes000
chld87stv2 hours and 56 minutes000
BriGuy12184 hours and 46 minutes110
Yaroslav5 hours and 57 minutes110
Laurentiu9 hours and 51 minutes110
Fatusblobus10 hours and 20 minutes020
Birddog6223 hours and 15 minutes020
A domination only TSL Europe map. We'll be starting the game at the beginning of the Renaissance (earlier version of this text said Industrial, but that was an error) era. BUT (and this is a BIG but) we will be using the Take Your Time Ultimate mod set to max settings. What does this mean? It means it's going to take hundreds of turns (in fact during testing this came out at tens of thousands of turns) for you to research new technologies! You have all the tech and civics you need to become the master of Europe! To arms! Mods found here: [DB's Civ VI Gold]( [Take Your Time Ultimate]( [Better Balanced Starts]( [Better Balanced Game)]( [Yet (not) Another Maps Pack]( [Multiplayer Helper]( Civ's will be selected by draft. Please note that the draft will be done in the [discord server]( so joining is a must! You will find the chat room in the above linked server under the name #conquest-of-medieval-europe Please introduce yourself in the room and (IMPORTANT!) make sure to let us know if your discord name differs from your in-game name!

Game Type: Civilization 6

Password Protected: No

Number of Slots: 12

Max Human Players: 12

Game Speed: Standard

Map Type: Other / Custom Map

Allow Users to Join After Start: No

Civ Selection: Random Only

Allow Duplicate Civs: No

DLC Enabled:

  • Aztec Civilization Pack
  • Teddy Roosevelt Persona Pack
  • Rise and Fall Expansion
  • Ethiopia Pack
  • Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack
  • Vikings Scenario Pack
  • Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack
  • Gathering Storm Expansion
  • Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack
  • Babylon Pack
  • Maya and Gran Colombia Pack
  • Byzantium and Gaul Pack
  • Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack
  • Catherine de Medici Persona Pack
  • Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack
  • Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack
  • Portugal Pack

DLC Disabled:

  • Great Negotiators Leader Pack
  • Julius Caesar Leader Pack
  • Rulers of China Leader Pack
  • Great Commanders Pack
  • Rulers of the Sahara Leader Pack
  • Great Builders Leader Pack
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