Civilization 5 / 6 / Beyond Earth / Old World Hotseat Multiplayer Management

Over 1,591,592 damn turns played.

Play Asynchronously!

Want to play a game of Civ with some friends? Don't want to coordinate schedules and get everyone online at the same time? Play Your Damn Turn runs a "hotseat" mode game of Civilization for you, passing save files around so everyone can play their damn turn at their damn convenience.

Play By Email (PBEM)

Play Your Damn Turn coordinates notifying players by email and passing save files around so you can just concentrate on the game!

Cross-Platform Client

No matter if you Civ on Windows or OS X, we've got a desktop client utility that will make downloading and playing your turns easy.

Forums and Smack Talk

Use our forums to find new opponents to conquer, and talk smack to your opponents when you ruin their plans for world domination!

How does it work?

Step 1

1. Join a Game!

Look in the Open Games area to find games to join, or create your own game if you don't see one!

2. Play Your Damn Turn!

Once the game starts, you'll get notified with an email when it's your turn. You can then use either the website or our Windows/OSX client to download the save file and Play Your Damn Turn!
Step 2
Step 3

3. Upload Your Turn!

When you're done playing your turn, save the game and the client will detect the new save file and allow you to upload your turn for the next player to play. Or, if you don't like convenience, you can use our website to do it in a slightly more annoying fashion!